Perseids shower using graves radar

The past agoust I was build a passive radar to detect the Perseids meteor shwoer . The most easy way is locate a very away transmiter and try to se the echoes produces by the meteors ionizacion.

Perseids meteor Graves radar

Perseids meteor Graves radar

To do the detector I used a rtlsdr receiver tuned to the Graves radar at 143.050 MHz, a ground planae VHF antenna and Baudline to display the scatters. Putting all toghetther using this script:

“rtl_fm -f143050000 -s 250000 -p90 -F -R | baudline -stdin -samplerate 250000 -channels 2 -quadrature -record”

I recommend decimate the input and to 32 or 64 to reduce the span and increase the resolution bandwith. Some nice pictures of more meteors: